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National Institute of Public Health

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About the journal

Central European Journal of Public Health (CEJPH) is being published and reviewed since 1993 when it continued in the tradition of Volume 36 of the international Journal of Hygiene, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Immunology. It is a platform for the publication of research in all spheres of public health. The journal restricts admission of papers focused on experimental methods; however, it does not refuse experimental papers which directly address problems of public health. CEJPH also publishes editorials and reviews on various topics of topical interest. Proceedings from important activities are published in the form of Supplements.   ›› more


28.12.2017 – Development of Mortality of Non-Communicable Diseases
The next issue of the Central European Journal of Public Health in the Supplement format. ›› more

28.01.2016 – CEJPH approved to ERIH PLUS
CEJPH was approved according to ERIH PLUS criteria for inclusion. ›› more

07.05.2015 – International Joint Meeting EuroMISE 2015 will be held between 16–18 June 2015 in Prague. ›› more

31.07.2014 – CEJPH was awarded its first impact factor
Central European Journal of Public Health published by the National Institute of Public Health was awarded its first impact factor of 0.798 for 2013.

14.07.2014 – Announcement – call for contributions We decided to dedicate one issue of CEJPH to the multiple aspects of physical activity.   ›› more

14.07.2014 – The implementing document Health 2020 adopted. The Government of the Czech Republic adopted the national health policy framework Health 2020.   ›› more

05.06.2013 – Sixty-sixth World Health Assembly closes with concern over new global health threat. ›› more

30.05.2012 – World No Tobacco Day: STOP TOBACCO INDUSTRY INTERFERENCE – Tobacco kills almost 6 million people every year and is one of the leading preventable causes of illness and death around the world.   ›› more

05.05.2012 – WHO Hand Hygiene Day – every 5 May, WHO SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands global campaign aims to maintain a global profile on the importance of hand hygiene in health care.   ›› more

01.12.2011 – Fellowship programme encouraging HIV and drug use research by IAS-NIDA consists of two types of awards: a junior scientist for post-doctoral training, and a well-established HIV researcher for long professional development training. Applications for 2012 will be open from December 8, 2011 to February 10, 2012.   ›› more

24.11.2011 – Journal CEJPH now accessible via portal EZB – CEJPH website becomes accessible from any online catalogue of all 565, mostly European, participating libraries.   ›› more

28.09.2011 – Global Ecological Integrity Group (GEIG) – 19th annual conference with the topic "Human Rights and Duties: Supporting Biological Integrity for Public Health" has been one of the major themes.   ›› more

18.07.2011 – CEJPH in the Web of Science and Current Contents databases by Thomson Reuters since volume 2011.   ›› more

24.05.2011 – Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly closes after passing multiple resolutions and decisions.   ›› more

11.04.2011 – Themed issue on tobacco control – call for submissions: we invite authors to present the results of their research in the field of epidemiology of tobacco use and its negative impact on health, socio-economic aspects, prevention, etc. in a special issue of CEJPH. Closing date for submission of contributions is shifted on 15 October 2011.   ›› more – updated

17.12.2010 – Know, treat, prevent – HIV testing, early diagnosis and access to treatment are key strategies for HIV/AIDS prevention.   ›› more

10.05.2010 – The Death of Smallpox, an Anniversary Exhibition, takes place in the Historical building of the National Museum, Prague, from 21st April 2010 to 17th October, 2010.   ›› more

17.03.2010 – Third European Conference on Scientific Publishing in Biomedicine and Medicine will be held on 27–29 May 2010 in the Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands.   ›› more

02.11.2009 – A Day to Focus and Act on Pneumonia
Every year, two million children die of pneumonia, the world’s leading infectious child killer.   ›› more

20.08.2009 – Epidemiology of fatal cases associated with pandemic H1N1 influenza 2009
The elderly seem to be protected to a certain extent against H1N1 influenza. Pregnancy as well as diabetes, obesity, respiratory and/or heart disease have been found to be risk factors.   ›› more

30.07.2009 – Oseltamivir adherence and side effects among children in three London schools affected by influenza A(H1N1)v, may 2009 – an internet-based cross-sectional survey. The widespread use of oseltamivir prophylaxis for school contacts of confirmed cases of H1N1 influenza is being restricted due to gastrointestinal symptoms it causes in 40% of children and mild neuropsychiatric side effects in 18% of them.   ›› more

06.07.2009 – Food standards commission targets dangerous bacteria and chemicals – Rome: The Codex Alimentarius Commission, (CAC) concluded a week-long meeting and adopted more than 30 new international standards, codes of practice and guidelines to improve worldwide food safety and protect the health of consumers.   ›› more

16.06.2009 – Human biomonitoring and environmental health – a special issue of the Bulletin Epidémiologique Hebdomadaire (BEH) on the European Conference on Human Biomonitoring that was held in Paris on November 4–5, 2008 is available on the InVS website.   ›› more

07.05.2009 – Joint FAO/WHO/OIE Statement on influenza A(H1N1) and the safety of pork
To avoid any misunderstanding FAO, WHO and OIE would like to reissue their joint statement originally issued on 30 April. Influenza viruses are not known to be transmissible to people through eating processed pork or other food products derived from pigs. ›› more

02.07.2008 – The 2008 Supplement devoted to the HPV in Human Pathology International Congress, Prague, Czech Republic, May 1–3, 2008 is available. ›› more

02.04.2007 – Central European Journal of Public Health became one of the official journals of the Central and Eastern European Chapter of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (CEEC ISEE)   ›› more

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